Safeguarding the maritime economy and countering transnational organised crime throughout the hemisphere

CABSEC 17 is held with the support of Panama with the purpose of countering transnational organised crime through enhanced maritime security and coastal surveillance. It is co-located with SAMSEC 17 our South American Security summit offering additional opportunities for networking and information exchange throughout the hemisphere.

This established forum brings together ministers, chiefs of defence, service chiefs, law-enforcement officials, and diplomatic personnel to discuss security capacity building and structures of cooperation within the region and sub-regions.

The nexus between transnational organized crime and extremist organizations continues to pose a global threat and remains a critical risk for Caribbean and South American Nations; the impact of a terrorist incident would decimate the tourist economy throughout the region.

Shared challenges and CTOC/CN operations offer an opportunity for collaboration and security cooperation throughout the hemisphere.

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Key topics discussed at CABSEC & SAMSEC 2016 include:


Combating transnational organised criminal networks


Strengthening inter-institutional coordination for the exchange of information


Ensuring the security of the maritime domain and EEZ is safeguarded for economic purposes


Facilitating regional and hemispheric security cooperation


Sharing lessons relating to the interdiction of narcotics flowing through the region


National and collective approaches to security challenges


Enhancing regional training, capacity building and security cooperation


Sharing lessons in procurement and modernization

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